The Tests To Spot Retinal Artery Occlusion Are Similar To That Of Retinal Vein Occlusion; That Is, Your Retina Will Be Thoroughly Examined To Spot The Clot.

Early treatment is important in these patients to optimize visual outcome, as patients in whom treatment is delayed have limited visual improvement. Aspirin may be given to thin the blood, thus encouraging circulation. In almost all cases, only one eye is affected. Of the 33 patients, 16 48.5% had central retinal vein occlusion, 9 27.3% had branched retinal vein occlusion, 4 12.1% had hemiretinal vein occlusion, and 1 each 3.0% had central retinal arterial occlusion, branch retinal arterial occlusion, and combined hemiretinal vein occlusion and branch retinal artery occlusion. The tests to spot retinal artery occlusion are similar to that of retinal vein occlusion; that is, your retina will be thoroughly examined to spot the clot. Some of the changes to your vision may be caused by the swelling and bleeding the blood backing up causes. Eye. 2008 Jan. 221:60-4. On the other hand, it markedly damages the peripheral visual field, and may convert an eye with normal peripheral vision into almost a blind eye. Prior to the laser treatment, the eye will be numbed with eye drops.

Larsen.,.aldstein FM, Bosnia F, herding H, monks J, Tadayoni R, et al. This blood supply makes sure that the cells of the retina get all the nutrients they need to continue working. Medline . Medline .

Retinal vascular occlusion